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About Apuntes Online

the Intrades teamIf you are a language professional working in both English and Spanish, you may be interested in us, Apuntes Online. We are the continuation of Intrades-Apuntes, Inc.  We have just dropped the Inc, not the Ink.

InTradES stands for Intérpretes y Traductores de Español (Spanish Interpreters and Translators), a non-profit organization committed to improving our profession. InTradES is the continuation of SpanSIG, a previous group that operated as the Spanish Special Interest Group of the New York Circle of Translators which, in turn, is affiliated with the American Translators Association. Since 1988, the association that was SpanSIG and became InTradES-Apuntes, Inc. has organized seminars, workshops and lectures of interest to language professionals, in addition to publishing our journal 'Apuntes'.

Apuntes Online encompasses not only translators and interpreters, but also welcomes language professionals committed to excellence in communication: writers, editors, journalists, advertisers, and so on.

With the time and effort volunteered by a group of colleagues, we aim to create a platform to help protect our interests and ensure quality standards.

Come and join us!



Apuntes Online operates thanks to the time and effort contributed by a number of members on a purely voluntary basis.

We encourage all members and non-members to volunteer with Apuntes Online. We offer our warm friendship and the personal satisfaction of helping to create a necessary and useful tool for our profession.

At present, we are looking to fill the following positions:

Please contact us as info@apuntesonline.org

Contact Apuntes Online

Apuntes Online
237 Lafayette Street
Suite 2 West
New York, NY 10012

We invite you to send your comments or questions to:

Email Contact person Title
Leticia Molinero Editor of Apuntes

Cristina Bertrand
Florida Correspondent

Maria Cornelio
  Joaquín (Jack) Segura Editorial Consultant

Sergio Graciano
Design - Layout - DTP

Monthly 'encuentros' in Manhattan

a gatheringZpuntes Online holds casual gatherings at a restaurant in Manhattan every second Monday each month.

If you happen to live in the NY Region, take advantage of this monthly opportunity to meet, talk and do networking with seasoned translators and language professionals

Our next gathering will be held on Monday, April 10, 2006 at The Spring Street Natural Restaurant,  62 Spring, corner of Lafayette, New York City.  The time for these meetings is between 6 and 8 pm. 

(Trains: Lexington Line #6 to Spring; R Train to Prince at Broadway; C and E trains to Spring and 6th Avenue)

Actas de algunos encuentros celebrados:

9 de sept. del 2002
13 de mayo del 2002
8 de octubre de 2001
10 septiembre de 2001
13 de agosto del 2001
9 de julio del 2001
11 de junio del 2001
9 de abril del 2001
8 de enero del 2001

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Host Sponsor


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Provides a conference room and state-of-the-art equipment for InTradES´s Board of Directors' meetings

Eriksen Translations


Honorary Member


Susana Greiss, Founder Borney Restrepo 
Sergio Graciano (Lingua Graphica)

Apuntes Online  has an extensive array of programs and activities under way and scheduled for the future. We need the logistic and financial support of individual, academic and corporate sponsors.

Help us realize the dream of enhancing the Spanish-language profession by becoming a Sponsor.

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