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Sergio Graciano

Design - Layout - Desktop Publishing


Sergio Graciano - Lingua Graphica, Inc.
450 Harrison Avenue, Suite 203
Boston, MA 02118
Tel: (617) 451-1535
Fax: (419) 735-7863

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sergio Graciano graduated from the School of Architecture of the National University of Buenos Aires. He completed his education in Poland (Technical University of Szczecin), Paris (École d'Architecture de Paris-Villemin), Rome (Facoltŕ di Architettura, “La Sapienza”) and London (Architectural Association School).

While studying in Paris, he started to work as a part-time translator, translating and writing articles for architectural and technical publications. Since 1992 he has been a full time translator, and in 1996 he founded Lingua Graphica Inc., a translation and desktop publishing service company, based in Boston, MA, providing translation and publishing services for IT companies, banks, heath care organizations and publishing houses.

Mr Graciano has a broad experience in the fields of architecture, education, engineering, healthcare, medicine, software localization, and telecommunications among others.

Besides his translation work, Mr. Graciano has helped many of his customers on the design of their websites and corporate publications.

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