Meet the Apuntes Online Team

Leticia Molinero
Director of Apuntes Online
Editor of Apuntes

Leticia Molinero, M.A.
237 Lafayette Street, Suite 2 West
New York, NY 10012-4009
Tel: (212) 274-1282
Fax: (646) 403-4831


Leticia Molinero has been a full-time freelance translator since 1976. Born in Argentina , where she graduated with an M.A. in Philosopy, Ms. Molinero subsequently moved to the United States and worked as a Financial Research Analyst in New York, where she studied Financial Analysis at New York University .

She has been involved in many areas of financial and legal translation for some major banks and financial institutions, both for the domestic and international markets. Life Sciences and Health Care is another major field of expertise, covering areas that span from patient education through drug documentation for international dossiers.

As a translator, Ms. Molinero has developed a comprehensive and disciplined approach that takes into consideration cultural and extra-linguistic aspects of communication. Her involvement with language issues in the aim of improving and achieving effective communication includes over 10 years as editor of Apuntes, as well as organizing and lecturing at language conferences and round tables in the U.S. and abroad.

Leticia Molinero has been the Editor of Apuntes since 1995, and the President of SpanSIG since June, 2000. In 2003, SpanSIG became Intrades-Apuntes, Inc. and Leticia Molinero became its President. She is currently director of ApuntesOnline, a successor organization.

Since 2002 she is a correspondent member of the Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española (North American Academy of the Spanish Language) and has been an active member of its Translation Commission since 1999.

She is director of Leticia Molinero Translation Studio, a New York City vendor, specializing in translating for the US immigrant communities. Leticia Molinero Translation Studio has been certified as a Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) by the Department of Small Business Services of New York City.


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